here's Some of the recent things we've been working on

Calling this a blog might be stretching it, but hey we'll use a little artistic licence. Anyway here in our 'not-blog' you'll find some of the more recent projects we've worked on alongside some of our lovely clients. We have great fun doing what we do and hope you enjoy discovering our design and creative shenanigans too. There's more of our work here, if you like it and feel we can help your business stand out please get in touch.

Rotary Club of Sittingbourne Invicta – campaign creative

The Sittingbourne Invicta branch of Rotary Internation contacted us to design a recruitment campaign for there annual 10k race and 2k fun-run. They had previously had a less indentifieable creative and wanted a stronger, eye-catching visual to increase numbers for the 2018 event. Items included posters, entry forms and a series of emails to potential and registered runners. The improved collatral and increased activity saw participants increase by over 20%.

La Boulangerie brochure design & photography art direction

Premium bread and patisserie specialist La Boulangerie required a new brochure to support their ever growing range. They wanted a creative that built on the premium values of the brand but bought a brighter more positive feel to the photography and a more modern twist to the page layouts. Great fun to work on, and in our humble opinon bang on brief.

Innovation Kitchen Reading exhibition signage

A tone setting installation was needed for the entrance to the new Brakes Innovation Kitchen at Reading, so we produced this impactful exhibition style creative signage. We copywrote a strong, brand setting introduction followed by striking black and white halftone customer photgraphy, supported by pull-quotes and full testimonials. The boards were vinyl, pantone colour matched and a clear acrylic was bolted onto the front for each customer element. This lifted the over printed white messaging and gave an extra dimension to the photography.

AlgoMe email template

New online personal progression platform for Fintech employees, AlgoMe, needed email templates to add to there corporate armoury. They chose to use MailChimp as there email platform and following initial discussions rather than supplying specific templates for each type of communication they intended to send we produced a more cost effective solution by developing white and blue master templates which include all possible elements. These can be deleted as appropriate to create bespoke email for each campaign or message sent out.

Innovation Kitchen Reading logo

Design of a logo for the launch of the new Brakes Innovation Kitchen at Reading. Shown here in original format and copper foiled onto a black polo-shirt, it was also sewn into chef whites and blind de-bossed into soft-touch notebooks amongst its many applications. The innovation kitchen is unique location, where foodservice businesses and chefs can come toether to develop and share ideas and inspiration for recipes, new menus and trend insight.

Nectar Business & Brakes – campaign creative

We love this! Brakes Nectar Business team wanted a fun creative style to convey their 'food orders to rewards' message to foodservice customers. We sorted a bold, distinct look combined with snappy copywriting to instantly sell the story to it's audience.